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We were going to purchase a motorhome from them in November and decided that the time was not right. Due to the way they set it up we paid $399 for a tow bar and $100 as a deposit.

After assuring us that we could get a full refund we have not seen a penny. Several frustrating phone calls later where the salesman ( now a manager), blamed it on the bookkeepers, we still have not seen our $500. Calls to the store mgr. T.J.HAUSER, have not been returned.

We will continue hounding them, make ourselves known at their next rv show and make a complaint with the NY STATE BBB.

WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! My only consolation is that we didn't buy the rv and then have to contend with their poor, or non existent service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Poor service, Communication, Unreliable.

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Sounds Exactly like my current situation. I placed a $100 deposit on a used RV.

Found a better deal a t another dealership. 4 months have gone by and I have not been refunded. Spoke with TJ 2x's regarding. He claimed it was an error in accounting, and they would send out a second check.

Just recently spoke to him a third time (he didn't remember me) and it turns out they never cut or mailed a second check. Round 3 and now 5 months later, waiting to see if a check shows up or not.

East Syracuse, New York, United States #1113445

Finally got our refund back after 8 weeks of calling. They had mailed it to an old address in the 8th week and the homeowners sent it to us.

We called them to make sure they hadn't stopped payment on the check and they hadn't.

They never apologized or followed up with a phone call. We are much the wiser for this experience and so glad we didn't close the deal; especially after reading the horror stories about service!

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