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We purchased a brand new Solera RV from Buffalo RV (Division of RV One Superstores, Inc., Albany, NY) in Nov. 2012. The salesman told us to expect a few minor repairs and adjustments that might be needed after the first camping trip, and so we made an appointment for June 19, 2013 (7 month notice).

One week prior to that date, I called the service department and reconfirmed that date. We brought the unit in on the 19th, along with a list of about 10 items that needed to be fixed – including an electric step that was stuck in the extended position and made driving the unit unsafe.

What followed were two month of phone *** trying to get anybody to inform us about the status of the repairs. Part of the problem was that it was next to impossible to talk to anyone at the store. We left numerous messages, and most of the time they were ignored. Only after we threatened legal action did we receive some recognition of the problem, which apparently was ‘overbooking’ and ‘understaffing’ of the service department, and problems receiving parts.

We finally got the unit back on Aug. 19. We did voice our disappointment to the store manager, Mike Watkins, and asked him for some sort of recognition that we essentially lost our entire summer camping season. He promised us to investigate and get back to us.

In typical Buffalo RV fashion, we never heard from him again!

Needless to say, our next RV will not be from Buffalo RV!!

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Shelburne, Vermont, United States #1219117

We had a bad experience also.

Bought a New RV back in August 10, 2016.

Were charged $75.00 to have dealer transfer our plate from the trade in to the new RV.

As of today 9/27/2016, we still do not have transfer.

All our phone messages go to answering machines, no one returns our calls, emails get no response either.

I wrote letters to both Don and Mark Strollo in regard to the issues we are having and received no reply from either of them.


Lancaster, New York, United States #1216348

I'm going through the same problem now, their service is terrible and don't return calls. They don't respect the Customer after they have your money

Faisalabad, Punjab Province , Pakistan #707550

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